Data on type of drive must be specified in the documentation for your motor vehicle. Read them carefully and find mention of the type of drive. If the documents are unavailable, use other ways.
Most cars with four-wheel drive, the tailgate or the rear fender are icons “4WD”, “AWD” (all wheel drive) or 4x4. Try to find them.
All wheel drive vehicles in the cabin next to the speed switch knob is always present another lever. He is responsible for switching the transfer case. This lever has a few position. The most common:

- “N” – neutral position, when none of the bridges are not connected;
- “2H” – driven rear axle;
- “4L” – included four-wheel drive low side;
- “4H” – included all-wheel drive.
Such a lever is present even if the car is not equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. The position of the control stick four-wheel drive can be such:

“LL” – low speed;
- “H” – high speed;
- “HL” - high-speed with the included locking center differential;
- “N” – neutral position.
If the data handles your car no, to determine what type of drive it, front or rear, easily enough. Try to move as sharply as possible. Then look at the wheels probuksovav on the spot. If the rear, then they are leading on this car, ie the car will be rear wheel drive.
In addition, you'll be and the manner of movement of the vehicle. On a slippery road in rear-wheel drive vehicles enters the nose. It makes riding on such cars dangerous in the winter time. However, the RWD car is better dispersed, and therefore almost all racing cars are rear-wheel drive.