When you first meet a man you need to be interested. The usual nice behavior is unlikely to hold his attention for long. Try the humorous approach to this issue. During a story about yourself, think of original and funny joke that are directly associated with your story. But we should not overreact. Try to stay as confident. Surely the man will appreciate your sense of humor and will subsequently begin to search for you.
If you are dealing with a man in the company, you must have some funny stories about the reserve. Many people feel awkward when they begin to tell something to the public. To deal with this very real. To begin practice on their friends and relatives. Then use this as your bargaining chip. With the help of sense of humor you will not only enchant a man, but make him adore you. And if you have made an impression on his friends - consider it yours.
To remain in the memory of men for life, use the following method. The bed that you share with your man, napishite their spirits. Only this should be done very carefully. The smell should not be too noticeable. On the contrary, it needs to be subtle. It is best to lightly perfume the pillows. Over time, the man will get used to the smell. Further, if it is somewhere in another place will meet the smell, first and foremost in his mind will occur your way. Smell is the strongest causative agent of memory. You can also use this technique on other things. It all depends on your imagination.