Causes of flat-bunion (hallux valgus)

The reasons for the development of PLANO-valgus stop are dysplastic changes in the bones of the limbs, weakness of the tendon-muscular apparatus. Distinguish 5 types of PLANO-valgus deformity: congenital, rachitic, traumatic, static, paralytic. Congenital disorders can be of different severity (mild, moderate and severe). The most severe is the so-called "stop rocking", which can be detected immediately at birth.

Paralytic deformity of the foot is the result of paralysis of the muscles that create and support the arch of the foot. Cause traumatic PLANO-valgus of the foot are the effects of trauma and damage to tendon and ligaments and soft tissues. Static flatfoot develops as a result of dysplastic changes of the skeleton of the foot, combined with neurological symptoms or metabolic disorders in the connective tissue.

Causes PLANO-valgus stop can be rickets, frequent colds, malnutrition. Under the weight of the body the longitudinal arch of the foot becomes flat, the notch disappears on the inside. Tibial muscle, the flexor digitorum muscles weaken and stretch. The first signs of disease appear at the age of 1 year when the baby begins to walk. Feet deformity is accompanied by pain in the legs, there may be subluxation of the navicular bone.

Treatment of PLANO-valgus deformation of the stop

Therapy PLANO-valgus stop a conservative and operational methods. With moderate flattening of the arch of the brake under load is limited to massage muscle of lower limbs, wearing special shoes with a hard heel. With valgus deviation of the rear unit and the flattening of the arch stop prescribe a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy.

Therapy PLANO-valgus deformity includes 15-20 sessions of massage of muscle groups of legs and feet. Courses procedures are held 4 times a year. Apply thermal procedures (paraffin, mud applications), prescribe therapeutic exercises. Exercises should be aimed at the formation of the arch of the feet. Equally important is the use of orthopedic footwear and special insoles.

PLANO therapy congenital deformation of the feet, have severe, starting from the first days of a child's life. Performed manual landmark correction with fixation of limb plaster bandages. Surgery for PLANO-valgus deformation are prescribed in rare cases. Usually perform plastic surgery of the tendons of the internal surface of the feet. Adolescents with pain contractural form of pathology during the operation of the foot is formed with Trecastagni arthrodesis.