You will need
  • Tent and other equipment for life outside of civilization.
  • A pick and shovel.
  • Tray for washing gold.
In order to find diamonds, you need to understand the specifics of their occurrence. To date, all known to mankind diamond deposits are concentrated in remote places, remote from civilization. There are two types of diamond deposits: indigenous and alluvial (secondary). Native deposits is laporatomy and kimberlite pipes, where there are 90% of all diamonds. Their production is based on the drilling, so this type of Deposit is not suitable for the diamond alone. Placer deposits were the result of the destruction of the indigenous, so they are often found in riverbeds. All native deposits to date are involved in the industrial extraction of diamonds, so you should not try to look for diamonds there.
In order to find the diamond you need to find it rossypnoy Deposit, which may be near the root. You can consult on this point the geologist.
Go to the place of possible occurrence of diamonds and start looking for stones. This requires using Kyle to split pieces of rock, then rinse it in the sieve to wash the gold.