Advice 1: How to find diamonds

Search diamonds based on geological data of the place of their occurrence. Diamond mining alone is possible only from placers of the old-fashioned method of washing the ore, which was used before the advent of special equipment.
How to find diamonds
You will need
  • Tent and other equipment for life outside of civilization.
  • A pick and shovel.
  • Tray for washing gold.
In order to find diamonds, you need to understand the specifics of their occurrence. To date, all known to mankind diamond deposits are concentrated in remote places, remote from civilization. There are two types of diamond deposits: indigenous and alluvial (secondary). Native deposits is laporatomy and kimberlite pipes, where there are 90% of all diamonds. Their production is based on the drilling, so this type of Deposit is not suitable for the diamond alone. Placer deposits were the result of the destruction of the indigenous, so they are often found in riverbeds. All native deposits to date are involved in the industrial extraction of diamonds, so you should not try to look for diamonds there.
In order to find the diamond you need to find it rossypnoy Deposit, which may be near the root. You can consult on this point the geologist.
Go to the place of possible occurrence of diamonds and start looking for stones. This requires using Kyle to split pieces of rock, then rinse it in the sieve to wash the gold.
The diamonds belong to neabsorbirovanna minerals. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, all mineral resources belong to the state, and he must obtain a license for industrial and non-industrial diamond production. Violating this law can lead to serious consequences. It should also be remembered that Russia retains a preferential right on the conclusion of contracts on acquisition of property of the extracted precious metals and stones. Explored deposits that are not used are included in the Federal Fund of reserve deposits.
Useful advice
Diamonds are found in placers, as a rule, the more valuable the jewelry point of view, because among them there are virtually no weak stones, are prone to destruction.

Advice 2: Burn you diamonds

Diamond is considered the hardest mineral on the planet. He is able to cut glass. Many scientists did experiments, exposing the diamond mechanical and chemical influences. And in the end had found his weak spot: the diamond is able to burn.
Burn you diamonds

Properties of diamond

The word "diamond" comes from the Greek language. On Russian it is translated as "insurmountable". And really, to damage the stone, you need to make a superhuman effort. He cuts and scratches all known minerals, while he remains unharmed. He does not harm acid. One day out of curiosity an experiment was conducted in the smithy: diamond laid on the anvil and hit it with a hammer. Iron hammer almost split in two, and the stone remained intact.

Diamond burns with a beautiful bluish color.

Of all solids diamond has the highest thermal conductivity. It is resistant to friction, even on metal. This is the elastic mineral, with the lowest compression ratio. An interesting property of diamond to luminesce in the sun and exposed to artificial sunlight. It glows with all the colors of the rainbows and fun refracts color. This stone like the saturated color of the sun, and then emits it. As you know, natural diamond, the ugly, the true beauty gives him a cut. Gem of processed diamond is called a diamond.

History of experiments

In the 17th century in England, a physicist by the name of Boyle was able to burn a diamond, by a ray of sunlight through the lens. However, the French experience with the annealing of diamond in the melting vessel has not produced any results. French jeweller, who conducted the experiment found only a thin layer of dark patina on the rocks. In the late 17th century, Italian scientists of Averni and Targioni when you try to fuse the two diamonds together have been able to establish the temperature at which diamond burns - from 720 to 1000 ° C.

Diamond does not melt because of solid structure of the crystal lattice. All attempts to melt the mineral was over the fact that he was burnt.

The great French physicist Antoine Lavoisier went further and decided to put the diamonds in a sealed vessel of glass, and filling it with oxygen. With big lenses it heated stones, and they burned completely. Examining the composition of the air environment, they found that in addition to the oxygen it has carbon dioxide, which is a compound of oxygen and carbon. Thus, a reply was received: diamonds burn, but only oxygen, i.e. outdoors. Burning diamond transforms into carbon dioxide. That's why unlike coal after combustion of the diamond is not even ash. Experiments scientists have confirmed another property of the diamond is: in the absence of oxygen, the diamond does not light, but changes its molecular structure. At a temperature equal 2000оС just 15-30 minutes to obtain graphite.

Advice 3: How to find diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft are the most valuable material. Items created from diamonds, it is highly reliable and durable. For comparison, take a pickaxe out of iron. Use it possible 251 times, while the diamond pickaxe will be useful in 1562 cases. The difference is significant. In addition, items of the diamonds in Minecraft well, very beautiful. For these reasons, many players are puzzled about how to find diamonds in Minecraft quickly.
How to find diamonds in Minecraft

Items that will help to find diamonds in Minecraft

To find diamonds in Minecraft, we will need a diamond pickaxe or iron pickaxe. Any other pickaxe to collect diamonds will be simply impossible. If one of these picks you have available, this step you simply miss.

If you don't have workbench, will create it. Quickly collect a wooden block, put it in the window for crafting, make 4 boards. These boards are put in different cells of the Windows for crafting. The workbench is ready.

The next step – create a wooden pickaxe. To do this, put on the workbench on the top three cells, three horizontal wood planks. Under the middle horizontal cell placed on top of two sticks.

Next, create a stone pickaxe, then we just and useful wooden pickaxe. With its help, collect some stone blocks. 3 blocks of stone lay on the bench on the top horizontally by three cells. Under the middle of the cell vertically have 2 sticks one below the other.

Then the village will need to find or create a furnace with 8 cobblestones. Stones laid out on the workbench around the perimeter of the square inside is blank.

But to find diamonds in Minecraft without iron pickaxes will be impossible. So those who do not have to create it. To do this, looking for iron ore in the hills and caves, collect it with a pickaxe made of stone. Will need at least three blocks. Iron ore put together with the coal into the furnace, get 9 iron ingots.

On the bench at the 3 top cell 3 put iron ingot in middle of the cell vertically placed 2 sticks – we get the iron pickaxe.

Now, having all the tools needed to find diamonds in Minecraft will not be easy. Just follow the instructions.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft on the scheme

To find diamonds in Minecraft in natural underground caves in chests. Chests can sometimes be found in villages, but it happens very rarely. So that to find diamonds you need to go into the ground.

Before descending into the earth are stocking everything you need: take at least 100 torches, diamond or iron pickaxe to battle monsters – armour and weapons.

Find the diamonds on levels from the first to the sixteenth, but most often on 8 – 13. The lucky ones can find in one place for more than 10 diamonds.

To go underground you need to create a staircase. In the ground make a hole in 3 blocks. Do the stairs need, therefore, to be able to move to lower levels by blocks. Keep in mind that sometimes you will need to come to the surface to lay their trophies, to eat, to change weapons and tools.

Get to bedrock, dig up everything in search of spawners mobs. We are at zero.

Level 1 – 1 unit. At 12th level, create a small room in her crafting table, chest and furnace, to avoid the need to constantly come to the surface.

To dig the best in a specific pattern, but several of them. You can create a mine height of 2 blocks wide and 1 block. Prokopov forward, digging every 5 blocks branch-sleeve 2 on 2. Using such a scheme, to find diamonds in Minecraft will not be easy.

Before diamond to gather around him should all the blocks to dig, otherwise it can burn in lava, if it will be under him.

Neutralize encountered on your way the lava can be stone blocks.


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