Help people cope with the undesirable state of the natural way - with rest, sleep. Try lay person in this state to sleep, the alcohol he gradually left the centers that control the behavior of the person and responsible for his feelings, his consciousness.
This is no easy task, in most cases. And it is important to remember first and foremost not what you need to do to put the person in a state of intoxication to sleep, and what under no circumstances to do, so as not to disturb a tired body, eager to rest, to decide to lie down and rest.
Don't talk too loud, even if you believe that you can barely hear. In fact it is not. Just the reaction of your ward is a little slow. Do not scold him, do not say how bad he is, how bad did that allowed myself to sink into this state. This speech excite the nervous system. And as the tired, the nervous system can simply not cope, and the consequences can be unpredictable.
Do not get angry, do not insist on any action. People should feel that whatever he does, happens according to his will, and not according to someone's will. Only in this case it will be relaxed and will agree to the proposed action.
Be calm, talking with a person in a state of intoxication. Your irritation or even worse, aggression, the will is passed to this person. Give your mentee to drink water. The drink has a beneficial effect on the nervous system in any condition. It's a little calm person. It will become more adequate and begin to trust you. Talk to him on the topic, distracted from his current state and what came before it.
Talk with a smile, quiet and calm voice. Your task - to force a person to lie down. Do not repeat constantly that your mentee needs to sleep. Even though it will take a horizontal position. If all is well, and nothing is too much trouble, the state itself will make the necessary, namely, to convince that you need to sleep.
As you can see, the basic rule to put a drunk person to sleep is not to interfere, but to help him to do what the body itself requires.