How to put the baby to sleep properly

Moms often be concerned that the baby can't sleep and cries a lot. Tears and cries in the process of falling asleep kids grudnichkovye age are connected with the nervous system, this period of life it is not fortified and can withstand external stimuli. But this does not apply to those cases when the child is sick or overexcited.

A few recommendations will help parents to understand how to put the baby to sleep properly.

1. Baby falls asleep in peace, if the next mom. In the hands of the mother the baby is calmed and feels safe. Especially good when the mother breast-feeds and feeding continues for up to a year or year and a half. Sated and calm, the child falls asleep without tears and anxiety.

2. Young parents, being with your baby, closely watching his behavior. So as soon as baby begins rubbing his eyes and pozivati, it appears crying is a sure sign that he is ready to sleep. To miss such a moment is, to put the baby to sleep right now.

3. Put the baby to sleep in in advance prepared with comfortable clothes. It should be soft and fairly loose.

4. Before the evening sleep of a baby to redeem. It must be done for 2-3 hours, if swimming has a stimulating effect on the child, or shortly before bedtime, if the child calms this procedure. At the time of the evening bathing the baby should be calm, can add a soothing oil to water for aromatherapy.

5. Bedtime baby massages. Stroking her tummy or back relaxes and calms the child. This simple procedure will help to put the baby to sleep. You can turn on softly with quiet music it could be classical music or birdsong, the sound of the sea or rain. Quite possibly baby will fall asleep only under a lullaby mom, her voice will soothe him.

6. Night before bed should be in a relaxed, friendly environment. The child reacts strongly to a negative atmosphere, frightened by the shouting and afraid of battle. If you want to put the child to sleep a bit older, it's watching cartoons should not be included in the evening program. Enough to play quiet games, read him stories, sing softly the song.

7. The sleep room should be well ventilated, the temperature should not exceed 22 ° C. In a stuffy and hot room, the child is difficult to sleep, and in the dream he could Wake up from lack of fresh air. The blanket should be light and comfortable.

8. There is a category of children that can be put to sleep just by rocking. They just need to took his hands and swayed. This has to be accepted, to break such a habit is not worth it. Except as to hysteria, no good it will not.

Rituals to make it easy to put the baby to sleep

If the child is older than six months, half an hour before bedtime can be performed daily procedures for the perception of sleep as a normal phenomenon.

To do this, before you put the baby to bed, can hold a conversation about her day, show the window as it sets the sun, fly away to their nests the birds for the night. Ie to convey in words the entire process of completing the day and prepare the child for sleep. The repetition of such actions will lead to the fact that the baby will be quite adequate to perceive the process of falling asleep. This ritual will become a habit and will help parents to put the child to sleep without tears.

Over time, it is necessary to accustom the child to independent sleep. This should be done gradually. The adjustment period can be up to three weeks. Only careful attention to the child's behavior will allow you to find the best way to put him to sleep without tears.