A clay figurine of mark to the land edge of the knife, after dividing line – the middle line of the back and abdomen, the front and rear edge extremities as well as internal areas of the body. When the figurine is divided into separate areas, separate mechanical – slide along the contours of the line strips of thin tin or brass foil. The strips should have a size of 5x7 cm and fit snugly to each other.
Dilute liquid plaster according to the instructions, and then fill in the sections sequentially, starting from big to small, from the bottom up. When the whole figure will be filled first with a layer of plaster thickness of 1 cm, wait for drying of the first layer, and then fill the shape with the second layer, more heavily diluted.
Smoothen the edges of the sides of the individual fragments of the plaster to determine where the metal border pieces and apply another layer, strengthening the form of metal fittings, if it is large and heavy. Wait for complete curing of all layers of plaster, and then remove the metal dividers.
Disassemble the parts of the figure, inserted in gaps between fragments fill a spatula or wedges, and then separate the obtained part of the figure. Check the inner surface of the plaster molds of the cavities and holes and if they are, apply them with liquid plaster, and then sand.
Clean from dust and dirt, finish with a nitrocellulose lacquer to make a waterproof, and then cover the inside with a special lubricant which creates a greasy film, allowing you to easily separate the cast from the mold.
Now you can assemble the mold and pour plaster into it to get ready a mold that fully meets the form, you fingerprinted him.