You will need
  • - wire of different thickness,
  • - concrete
  • - PVA glue,
  • cement,
  • - gypsum,
  • metal or polypropylene mesh,
  • - plant seeds,
  • - drill
  • - jig saw
  • a piece of canvas
  • - tin
Concrete garden sculpture
Prepare a concrete solution. To do this, five parts of cement it is necessary to take one part of gypsum. Add the solution, for greater strength, PVA glue, at the rate of 1 tablespoon of glue per kilogram of solution. Water is added gradually, in the process of mixing concrete. You need to ensure that the obtained mass is not too liquid. Otherwise it will unravel during the molding. Make a wire skeleton of the future sculpture, oblepicha it the resulting concrete mass and give the necessary form. A good dry. Dry the sculpture must in the shade, because the sun, the concrete can crack. Cover the sculpture of the water-repellent impregnation for concrete. Paint with acrylic paints or cover with varnish.
Living garden sculpture
Collect from a wire in the shape of any animal. Will fix the design by using wire or welding. Add to the soil nutrients and the straw. Straw is necessary to further the ground did not Wake up through the holes. Wrap the wire mesh design on the bottom, put back the soil and carefully flatten it. Plant grass seeds and flowers, according to the instructions. Carefully take care of her "pet". Do not water sculpture too strong jet of water because it can wash the soil.
Another kind garden sculptures - this composition, made of natural materials.
House out of the stump
Find in the woods an old tree stump, and cut off his overly long roots and Wapiti in the selected place, so that the roots slightly from the ground. Assemble a cone-shaped wire frame, fit an it with canvas and glue boards or strips of the bark is the roof of the future house. Fold the sheet from the tube, depicting the chimney. In the upper part of the stump at a slight angle, drill a hole and attach it the lower end of the pipe. Saw out the boards showing the door and the shutters and attach them to the stump. Fabulous house ready!
Garden sculptures from scrap materials
Especially original and interesting look garden sculptures and compositions made from scrap materials. Simply put - from different unnecessary stuff. In the presence of a creative approach, patience and free time to make a beautiful and stylish sculpture for your garden from old barrels, buckets, Bicycle tires, in a word, anything.