Select weight ballthat suits you best. Please note that the little light balls usually have small holes for the fingers, and it can be uncomfortable.
Take a ball of large, middle and index fingers. In this case the thumb should be immersed into the hole completely, and the other two only to hook the ball. Hold ball with right hand (left if you are left-handed) at a level slightly above the waist, and the other hand lightly hold it. Elbow push to the body.
Run forward, count four steps, the last step make the biggest. Take the first step with the right foot (left handed - left).
Swipe the balland do the first three steps so that in the last step the hand with the ballof the om had to go forward, while write as much as possible. Making the swing arm to the hand movement with the ballω was strictly ago. Do not swing to the side, pivot shoulder, do not try thus to increase the force of the throw.
The fourth step is the simultaneous sliding movement of the left leg and hand movement with the ballom forward. Start to slide forward when you feel that the ball starts to fall.
Speed you gained during the run, try to pass the ball at the moment of throw. If you clearly calculated the run, wingspan and speed, throw the balland will happen when leg after the last moving step stops.
Try to make a throw the ballbut at the level of the ankle. The body will lean forward, knees bend. Free hand move to the side, it will help you to keep balance. Look forward, not on ball. Best to aim, looking at the average of the seven arrows marked on the track.