Pelengas prefers shallow brackish areas, so it is frequently found in the North-Western part of the Black sea, on the Bank of Anapa and Azov. He eats mostly benthic, but his favorite food is a polychaete marine worm – Nereis, which can be found in the mud of estuaries. During the flowering of white acacia flowers on smooth sea surface you can see hundreds of fish mouths are grabbing lying on the water pollen.
If you managed to dig up the marine worm, like a squashed centipede, on the hook it is necessary to string the tension along the body, leaving the free tip of a worm length of 1 cm. However, the fit and the common earth worm, better dim, dark colour.
Catching pelengasa mostly ground tackle, sometimes spinning. When fishing from the shore necessary long-distance casting, so use a long pole 3-4 meters and test up to 100 g. the domestic Use large hooks №№6-9 or Gamakatsu F/7 No. 4 – 6 with a long shank. The stronger the line, the better. Use strong fishing line 0.4-0.6 mm thick or braided thread with a diameter of 0,12-0,14, she practically doesn't stretch.
Put 2 pieces of liner with a length of 10-20 cm so that when added they are each other is not touched. To insert it is better to use a line thickness of 0,25-0,35 mm in length, 50-70 cm Attach it to the carabiner with swivel. Not to break the rod, check before casting to avoid zahlyosta over the top.
Bite this fish throughout the day, but it is best in the wee hours and from 6 to 8 hours. A quick bite and the bobber immediately goes under the water. Hooking it should quite sharply and widely, it is therefore important that fishing line and hooks withstood the manifestation of the fighting qualities of this strong and beautiful fish. Vyvazhivat her until she gets tired. But even moving the fish to the shore, you will be able to see her powerful enough to feel a strong jerking from side to side.