Pay attention to how you kisses husband lately. Matters not only the quality of kisses, but the number of them. After all, if they're not as fervent and frequent as before, maybe your husband gives them to another woman.
Notice the change in habits. This can include eating habits, clothing style, daily routine and even a selection of perfumes. Because external changes often occur because of internal changes, and they have to be summoned.
Watch how husband attends to you and gives gifts. By the way, the presence of these signs speaks of treason. After all, subconsciously, he will try to win your approval, and expensive gifts as if to make amends.
Be aware of the amount of time the husband spends at work. Maybe he began to dwell on imaginary meetings. Or number of monthly trips increased (or they appeared that was not there before). In General, for a long time that my husband began to spend outside the home under various pretexts, should be a cause to be wary.
Be careful how often spouse using cell phones, email, software for online chatting or sitting in social networks. If earlier for his means of communication were things that irritated and distracted, and now he will not part with the phone and constantly checking for new mail, that is something to think about. It is unlikely that he communicates with friends and resolves operational issues. Probably invented excuses.
Alert to how he reacts to your words. Usually, if a person focuses on his thoughts and dreams, he loses "by ear" all that he said. He often asks or can't remember when you promised to do something (apparently, he said it automatically, when his thoughts were somewhere far away). But it matters if before this the husband was observed. But if this is typical of his character, then do not worry.
Cheerleaders, if you see that the husband appear things you certainly not acquired. In case, ask about their origin and details, try to ask where and when he purchased it.