Learn how to size men's jeans

Size men's jeans includes the waist and length of pants measured inseam. These values are recorded in inches and are designated by the letters W (eng. waist — waist) and L (eng. lenght — length).

To find out the approximate size of denim pants, you can subtract 16 from your clothing size by Russian standards. For more accurate results is to take measurements with the most comfortable trousers on the belt or other jeans. Lay the pants on the table and measure with a ruler the distance between the extreme points of the lower portion of the belt, and then double the result. The value in inches must be divided by 2.5 to find out the circumference of the waist in inches. Jeans nice stretched out from wearing and washing, so if you have not bulging belly and you don't plan to wear a belt, buy pants a size smaller.

In order to learn a second component of the size, wear the shoes you want to wear jeans, and armed with a tape measure or ask someone to take measurements with measuring tape. Measure the distance from the groin, where the seams to the desired length of the leg opening. Please note that jeans are classic and boxy needs to lift the heel a couple of inches, while the trendy tapered pants should be a bit shorter. They demonstrate a buckle or lacing on the Shoe, and the ankle is almost completely open. Don't forget to convert the result to inches.

Buying jeans in the store or online, be sure to pay attention to marking relating to the pre-treatment of the fabric. Mark Prewashed indicates that the shrinkage after washing is not going to happen, so you can easily choose the amount that is received after the measurements. If you're a fan of classic jeans, on selected models you will surely find the markings Dry, or Unwashed Shrink-To-Fit. These pants have not been pre-processing, which provides better shrinkage of the product on the figure, but it requires to make adjustments to the size in accordance with the table provided by the manufacturer on the official website or in the store.

How to choose women's jeans size

Often size women's jeans write, by analogy with male, but if you decide to buy a branded item, a famous American manufacturer, guaranteed to be faced with differences in the marking. Because the female figure is different from men's, brands such as Lee and Levi's have introduced a separate formula for calculating sizes.

The first number in the record varies from 0 to 30 and is selected from the dimension tables, depending on the girth of waist and hips. To measure these parameters, tightening the measuring tape as tight as you can, because the fabric for women's pants added lycra to jeans emphasized every curve and bulge as distinctly as possible. Sometimes the manufacturer also indicates which figure the pants will look a winner, notes Petit petite, Plus lush ladies and Misses — for the standard build.

This is followed by the characteristic length of the recorded values from the short (S) to very long trousers (XL) designed to be worn with heels or tall girls. Like guys, girls should choose jeans for shoes. Not be amiss to consider the particular shape, especially when buying models with low waist or pants style breeches.