You will need
    • oats;
    • water;
    • coffee grinder;
    • thermos;
    • a piece of gauze or fine nylon sieve;
    • kettle.
For the classic recipe of oatmeal infusion take raw oats. Calculate proportion. In this case, a lot depends on the volume of the thermos. 1 Cup water to 1 tablespoon of oats.
Grind oats in a coffee grinder. The particles must be very small,practically you should get the oatmeal flour. The grinder is desirable to have clean, no smell of coffee or spices. Pour the oats into the thermos.
Bring the water to a boil and pour desired amount in a thermos. Not to miss, it is better to pour the kettle with the required amount of water and pour it in the thermos all. The infusion, made with violation of proportions, the drink is also possible, but its properties can differ from the desired.
Close the thermos and leave it alone for 12 hours. Strain the infusion through 2 layers of cheesecloth or very fine sieve. If you have done it a lot, then you can pour it back into the thermos, and can be poured into some other dish and cover tightly.
A tonic infusion can be made of ordinary rolled oats, for example, "Clearly sun". Flakes will need more than if done directly from the infusion of oats. Calculation — about 3 cups of cereal to 10 glasses of water. Soak cereals in cold boiled water for a couple of hours, then wipe through a sieve.
Infusion for diabetics done a little differently. Boil and cool 1 liter of water. Put in a pot or jar ½ Cup of oats. Fill it with water and put it on 12 hours. After straining the oats to drink.
In diseases of the liver helps following infusion: 1 Cup of oats thoroughly washed to put in an enamel pan and pour back 4 cups of hot water. Water, of course, need not take from the tap with hot water, boil cold or heat drinking bought. Put the casserole in the oven and bring temperature to approximately 150°C. Keep the oats in the oven at this temperature for about two hours. Condemn, strain through cheesecloth and drink.