How to cook oats for porridge?

The most valuable is oatmeal, cooked from cereal grains, not from foods. To properly cook the oats for her in the boiling milk add the well-washed grain, based on calculation — half a Cup of oats, three quarter Cup of milk. The pot with the mixture to the boil and put in hot oven for a few hours. The resulting mess full of all sorts of nutrients, tasty, great for children, handicapped and elderly people.

To enhance the medicinal properties of this dish, porridge, add honey, crushed walnuts, grated directly with peel Apple, and even lemon juice.

How to cook oats for pudding?

Oatmeal kissel is another great dish made from oats. He shown to any person, as it normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. A cook oats for him, the recipe is use enough original.

A pound of oat grains are placed in a three-liter glass jar, then fill it with water to a level half. Jar is covered with cloth and placed in the most heat in the house.

After a couple days the mixture thoroughly, but gently mixed. Then it is filtered through cheesecloth or a sieve, pour into an aluminum or stainless pan and, with continuous stirring, is brought to a state of boiling. The resulting jelly is not necessary to add anything – no salt, no sugar, because its taste is surprisingly pleasant.

Oatmeal pudding served cooled, with a pot of honey, berry syrup.

Incidentally, it may be cooked with milk. To do this, take a Cup of beans and 5 cups of milk. The resulting mixture is heated in the oven for at least 4 hours. After which it is separated into components – the oat pulp and milk broth. Oats passed through a blender or grinder, and the liquid filtered. Then join them again into one and mix thoroughly.

This pudding is a real storehouse of nutrients. Eat it with cream and honey. However, this product should not be stored more than a day, it is too perishable.