You will need
  • - a sleeping bag;
  • - pack bag with straps.
Before laying a sleeping bag, be sure it is completely dry. If Hiking equipment accumulated moisture, it should be thoroughly dried by the fire or in the sun. It should be done as soon as possible, otherwise you can ruin the internal insulation. Immediate drying is especially important for down sleeping bags, as a natural filler can begin the process of decay. In addition, the wet bag will be much harder to transport – because of the damp it becomes more heavy and bulky.
Fold the dry product exactly in half along the longitudinal center line to the leaf was long, narrow strip. Now you can gently and tightly roll the sleeping bag. Starting from the bottom of the products start rolling it into "sausage". It is necessary with effort to squeeze a sleeping bag with your hands to a horizontal surface and carefully smooth hands all folds and bubbles. To compactly fold up camping gear, your main task – to release from the bag through the hole for the head as much as possible of the accumulated air.
Tighten the resulting roll special small straps, which is usually included in the travel kit. Then roll out the top edge of the compression storage bags sleeping bags and begin to gradually fill in his rolled up bag. Carefully, slowly unroll the package till the bag completely be inside her. If it does not fit, you will just have to roll out the product and again to repeat step # 2. Try to roll the plain cylinder as tightly as possible.
Upon arriving home, remove the sleeping bag from the pack-packaging and store it in the closet, flat or slightly crumpled condition. Usually when packing in the field the product formed on the same lines, and with prolonged use, appear on its surface places with strong wear of the inner insulation. To travel gear longer retain their high performance characteristics, storage of a sleeping bag you must do the excesses of the canvas always in different places.