Adjusting the backpack into account its growth and individual anatomical features using its suspension system, which includes straps and waist belt – poyasnikom. Exactly their relative position and length determine the ease of moving goods. Before you adjust the backpack by itself, it needs to be loaded. The weight of the load should approximately correspond to those with whom you are going Hiking.

Unlock the clips holding the harness, set the length of the straps to the level appropriate for your height, and re-lock attachment, leaving some margin. Adjusting the harness of the backpack is made from below upwards, therefore, must begin with the poyasnikom. Put on your backpack.

First tighten the belt, its lower edge should rely on the hips. When this protruding ends of the pelvic bones should be approximately in the middle of the wings belt, its widest part. Slightly lean forward, fasten the latch and adjust the straps of the belt so that it fits snugly the torso, but squeezed it and did not stop to breathe or move. Sit up. The backpack does not have its lower part to rest on the buttocks.

Adjust the straps, pulling the straps coming from them to the corners of the backpack. The weight should be evenly distributed between the shoulder straps and belt. The place where the straps are attached to the backpack, should be around the middle of the shoulder blades or a little above it. If it is not attaching the backpack and the straps are higher or lower, adjust the length of the floating suspension, if any. In the absence of floating charms need to change the backpack to another, more suitable for growth.

The upper shoulder of a delay governed by the last. Tighten them to the point where walking will not feel the fluctuations of a backpack back and forth. Just don't drag them to the load on the shoulders is distributed evenly and not have only on the clavicle.

Remove the backpack and check the tightness of all the sling with the right and left parts were identical and symmetrical. Adjust it and try again, as it happened.