Do a set of exercises in the morning, two hours after eating and one hour to it. The recommended number of workouts per week is at least 2-3 times. If you will engage more muscles will not be able to recover.
Before you begin this exercise, be sure to warm up. It can be dance aerobics, running in place or on a treadmill. To replace them you can riding a stationary bike. Otherwise, cold muscles can be injured. Additionally, during the warm-up is burning fat throughout the body, including in the abdomen.
Lie on your back on the floor, lift bent at an angle of ninety degrees to the legs. Hands take to the castle beyond the head. The right elbow try to get the left knee and Vice versa. So you train not only the upper division, but also the obliques.
Lie on the floor, hands take in the castle at the back, bend legs at the knees. Smoothly drag the chin to the knees. Keep strained it press. Perform the exercise slowly, to a burning sensation in the area press. So, you give stress to your lower belly. To use the upper section, simultaneously pull your knees to your chin.
Lie on the floor. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs, trying to get knees to chest. Follow the coordination to execute the exercise correctly.
Best of all it trains your lower abdominal leg lifts. It is performed lying on the floor or on the bench. Slowly lift straight legs to an angle of ninety degrees and also slowly lower them. Avoid jerking the legs. Sure to work the muscles of the lower division, not upper.
If you have a bar, use it. Hang up on her and begin to lift straight legs to an angle of ninety degrees. Keep the heels together and the knees straight. For the unprepared this exercise may be too difficult. To accomplish it easier, raise your legs bent at the knees.
To have a flat belly, exercises you need to perform at a high tempo and making a large number of repetitions. But in order that the muscles stood out in relief, it should be possible to load them at a slow pace. The number of sets and reps individually. But we should not run less than 3-4 approaches on 10 repetitions.
If the relief is long to appear, you should think about diet. After all, beautiful cubes can be simply not visible under a layer of fat.