You will need
  • adapter Jack to mini-Jack.
Let's start with the fact that all modern laptops and netbooks have a built-in microphone, you only need to activate it in system settings. If it is broken, or you are facing challenges that require an external microphone, follow these steps.
All laptops have a headphone Jack and microphone, to save space, they are often combined in a single nest, and switching is done automatically depending on the connected device. Look on your laptop a round hole, next to which is drawn the icon of the microphone or headphones and a microphone through the line. This connector is a standard socket 3.5 mm mini-Jack located on the side or on the back of the laptop case.
Standard karaoke microphone has an output plug to a Jack, but unlike the entrance of a laptop, the size is not 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm. It more clearly, and without additional accessories to connect it will fail. To connect the device, you need an adapter with Jack for mini-Jack. It is a plastic or metallic cylinder, one end of which has a hole under Jack 6.3 mm and the other side ends with a plug mini-Jack 3.5 mm. Such adapters are sold in shops of radio components, audio equipment stores and some computer stores.
After purchasing the adapter, you are ready to connect the microphone. The microphone plug insert into the socket of the adapter, the resulting bundle plug into the microphone Jack of the laptop. If your computer's operating system is Windows 7, after connection it will notify you of the connection device. Windows XP, when you connect, without displaying any notifications.
After connection of a microphone and a laptop, you must ensure that the microphone input is active. Log in to the system mixer by double-clicking on the volume icon near the clock. In the field of microphone check whether the checkbox is "Off". If there is, remove and install the volume control to the required level. Also check the switch on the microphone, if necessary, place the switch in the "ON"position.