You will need
  • microphone;
  • computer.
Select the microphone that you will enjoy. It can take various forms: on a thin stalk and stand (these models are very convenient to put on the table), pop (often used for karaoke), combined with headphones. In addition, there are microphones that are already built into the laptop.
Plug the microphone into the appropriate port on your computer. Before that, carefully read the instructions. If necessary, use an adapter. After connecting the microphone to the computer, it is desirable to restart.
After rebooting the PC, go to "start". Look for the item "control Panel", and in it the label "Sound". Click on it twice. You will see the window where you select the "Recording" tab. To make sure that the microphone is installed, locate its name, some of which should be a sign of a tick.
Check the operation of the microphone. To say the test sentence. If you see on the EQ signal, the microphone is connected and enabled properly.
To adjust the volume of the microphone according to your desire, use the tab "Audio". Click "Volume". Move the sliders of the regulator and adjust the microphone as needed. There is also a option "Balance", which adjusts the incoming sound on the computer speakers.