You will need
  • newspaper ads;
  • - computer with Internet access.
First of all, look at the data about the appropriate amount of alloy wheels for your car. Usually this information is listed in the user manual of the vehicle on the sticker in the glove box or the inside of the hatch of the fuel tank. Then decide where you will buy the desired product. There are lots of different options: auto, car repair, an ad in the newspaper or online, from friends, acquaintances, etc. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of different ways of acquisition.
Note that it is not enough to only choose the design and the desired size, it is necessary to pay attention to more important parameters. For example, the landing size of the fastener disk on the hub (the center hole diameter, number of holes for the tapered bolts, the distance between them, etc.), as well as the displacement of the surface of the disk adjacent to the hub (wheel offsets). Although in the last parameter permitted deviation of a few millimeters, but this can lead to undesirable consequences: the reduction of emission creates an additional load on the suspension and hub bearings and increase may damage the brake unit.
Carefully inspect the selected disks. Because they may have defects that will adversely affect driving safety and driving characteristics. Therefore, the alloy wheels must not have visible damage. Besides, it is easy to hit him with an iron object. If the sound is sonorous – invisible microcracks are absent. Damaged - publish a deaf sound. On the surface of alloy wheels allowable scratches that do not affect performance properties and should be removed by grinding.
Contact the nearest garage or service station and check the General condition of the selected instances on a balancing machine. Thus, you will be able to check the deviation from parallelism, eccentricity gadfly and boarding the plane, etc., Ask the master to evaluate metal fatigue, as the number of kilometers traveled will affect the status of the disk in the future.