Advice 1: How to learn to sing in English

To sing in English, in fact, capable of any man. Let your vocals are not at the highest level, and knowledge of the English language leaves much to be desired – if there is a desire to learn to sing even for a short time!
How to learn to sing in English
Write English song on your audio player, with which you will be able
rewind the song and to stop it at the right place. Listen to her
a few times, trying to sing in those places in which the words you are more
- less dismantled. Do this several times.
Search the web for the text of this song in the original language. You should not
looking immediately a translation to the song. Try it yourself
translate. To do this, take the Anglo-Russian dictionary, and reading words in
transcription, you will easily be able to correctly pronounce the word. This
way compare your pronunciation with that when you just listened to
the song and tried to sing along.
Promotes good singing karaoke. To do this, go to a karaoke club and
find the collection of songs in English song. With the familiar
melody with subtitles lyrics, and with the help of friends you will be able
to make a real splash in the performance of your favorite hit.
Find tongue twisters in English. Translate them, and, most importantly,
try to pronounce them correctly and slowly. Then take in the mouth
a few nuts or clamp between the teeth a cork from a bottle of champagne
and try to say an English tongue Twister. These exercises
will help make your English pronunciation clearer and more
Try to divide the words by syllables, pronouncing each well, and
pay attention to the endings of words. Listen how these end
words pulls the singer, and try to achieve the same effect with
solo performance of the song.
Pay attention to breathing exercises. If the song is fast
you should keep up with the melody, say the right words. For this
use breathing exercises and exercises with the diaphragm,
you can find online.
Also, you can find the video of your favorite English songs and see how stands the singer and his facial expressions. These subtle details will help you more accurately convey the nature of the song and correct to sing her words.

Advice 2: How to learn to read in English

To learn to read in English language you need the desire, willpower and training. Pay attention to the detail, force yourself to learn. There are some basic recommendations for mastering the rules of reading in a foreign language.
How to learn to read in English
Know all the letters, to be able to call them in arbitrary order. In contrast to the Russian language the name of the letter and its pronunciation in the word do not always coincide. The same beech And depending on position in the word can be read as [?] and [a:]. Definitely need to learn the sounds that are indicated in the transcription. Without proper pronunciation, you are just not able to learn words by ear, but read will be completely unrecognizable dialect. To sign the transcription of Russian letters is a waste of time, sounds coincide partially, digested badly, to English have little to do.
To be able to divide words into syllables, an important skill without which to learn to read is almost impossible. You should easily identify an open or closed syllable, otherwise mistakes are inevitable. Be sure to memorize the rules of reading, whether you like it or not. One letter can change the sound beyond recognition woman-women. A significant difference between reading the words not and note. Features many hard to remember, but to know the basic laws necessary. Should once and for all learn the possible combination of consonants and vowels and their pronunciation. Example: ung, ear. For ease of remembering to do it is recommended along with the words: fire [fai?], hungry [?h??gri].
The dictionary should be always at hand, especially the first six months. If the person is fluent not fluent in English, every word must watch in the transcription. Many exceptions, the spelling has not changed for hundreds of years, the rules of reading were corrected.
After word began to be read, as it should be, you should become familiar with the English intonation, to increases and decreases of tone in the narrative, interrogative and exclamation sentences.
Useful advice
Do the transcription, read aloud English literature, pay attention to their pronunciation and succeed.

Advice 3: How to learn to sing karaoke

Camping in a karaoke good time, which allows you to meet friends, to relax, to relieve stress. Besides, singing is good for health. However, some people worry that they sing well enough.
How to learn to sing karaoke
You will need
  • - recording or backing tracks of your favorite songs;
  • program karaoke;
  • courses of vocal or vocal coach.
First of all, relax. Remember that karaoke is only entertainment, no one expects that you will demonstrate the wonders of the vocals. Karaoke people of absolutely different professions, and they do not care, even if they have obvious hearing problems. You came here to have fun so get it. And this feel relaxed. It's okay if you won't always hit the notes; it is even inevitable, because music karaoke not always of good quality and often very different from the original. Be confident and sing with the soul - then, most likely, the surrounding appreciate your statement. But in any case, do not forget that you came to the club for their own pleasure and you should not worry that you will think about other people.
If you are not confident in their own abilities and shy to work out at home. In the web, find a minus one song that you like, download the text and sing. You can do without backing tracks, and just sing along with the performer or the performer. Or download program karaoke. To get used to the audience, sing in the presence of friends or relatives.
If you really like to sing and you want to do it more often than once a year in karaoke, find a vocal teacher or vocal Studio and study there. Don't think it's a waste of time. Vocal lessons help you to relax, become relaxed, the voice becomes raised and more confident, healthier lungs. Besides, many of the creative arts allow you to feel happier. Most likely, after a few lessons you will feel much better MIC, and guests karaoke will listen to you with admiration.
If you come to karaoke for the first time and worried, sing one or more songs together with your friends. Your voices will merge and you won't be so nervous. Perhaps soon you will be emboldened and will want to "solo".
If you often go to karaoke or sing at home, make sure that you sing "on a pedestal", learn correct abdominal breathing, preferably with a teacher. So you will avoid possible problems with voice.
Useful advice
If you want, you can find special courses of singing at karaoke, where I teach elementary voice training and learning appropriate repertoire of popular songs.
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