Select a song where you will learn to sing. To start with the Russian folk song - lingering, lyrical, with a broad cantilena. The song should you like.
Learn the selected song. If you own a musical instrument, find sheet music and learn a song by them. If you do not own - will have to learn to vote. Turn on the drive, find somewhere the words and sing along. Then turn off the music and sing without it. Record yourself on tape and compare with the recording. Get it seems good. Did not work - keep practicing.
Learn correct singing breathing. Strong, beautiful, flexible voice comes from proper breath. Imagine that you're smelling a flower. Breath work is deep, but not coarse, and fill the air space of the chest. Train yourself to breathe correctly first, without singing. Then sing your song, using a deep singing breath.
Work on diction. Remember the tongue twisters. Say them slowly at first, then faster, gradually increasing the pace. Read the text of your song with expression, clearly pronouncing each consonant.
Think about what your song is. Try to imagine how it feels to be the hero of the song when he says a particular phrase, in any obstoyatelstvah he is who he is, how he looks, who sings. Imagine yourself the hero of this song. That song sounded good and liked the listener, you have to sing it in first person and invest in it their own experiences.