You will need
  • musical instrument, solfeggio tutorial
Sing along with your favorite performers. Do this as often as possible, use the opportunity. Try to listen to yourself and get in unison with the singer or singer. Singing karaoke for this exercise is not suitable, because these compositions contain only music.
Practice singing, using musical instrument. First, just sing one scale, accompanying himself. When you notice that to sing "do, re, mi, FA, Sol, La, si, do" and you get back much better, you are out of tune, and find yourself in the same semitone, and tools, diversify and complicate the exercise. For example, teach various musical intervals. Find their voice without tool tips. If you first be difficult to determine whether get a note or not, record your workout on tape. While listening, you will understand whether you are on the right path.
Play a musical phrase and then sing it. If not succeed, make mistakes. Analyze what places are you, and why. Perhaps you find it difficult to digest a certain interval. To simplify your task, locate it in the familiar you song. Further, when you find it difficult to navigate, you will remember it and will take the right note.
Develop your inner ear. To do this, take a tutorial, ear training for entry-level and sing, calling the notes. So you train your memory, learn the intervals between notes. First, sing a simple chain in which the notes follow one another. Then move to a more complex level, when the notes go through the tone. In the future you will sing a short musical phrase.
Work on musical literacy. Learn notes, keys and basic chords. Without these basic knowledge of your learning will be delayed.