Following certain rules will help to maintain the health of your hair:

1. Dyeing the hair no more than once per month.

2. To avoid the simultaneous lightening and perming.

3. To unsubscribe from a hair dryer and hot Curling tongs.

4. The use of masks, balms and conditioners based on natural ingredients.

Caring for blonde hair must be aimed at both meals with the restoration and preservation of color. The most common problem of most of the blondes is the appearance over time of yellow. Why blonde beauties regularly need to use toning shampoos and conditioners.

Most masks designed for bleached hair, prepare yourself. However, using such masks, it must be remembered that some components adversely affect the color. These include the henna and coffee. Basically, to make a mask for bleached hair, use a decoction of chamomile, onion peels, honey, yogurt, castor oil, and nettles.

- Thanks to onion juice, the hair roots will be strengthened.

- Honey and nettle will restore the damaged structure.

- Chamomile and honey will add Shine and make the color more intense.

From home remedies are very effective is the mask based on yogurt, sour cream or yogurt. She would be excellent for dry hair, prevents hair loss and breakage. The nutrients contained in these foods that envelop the hair shaft, thereby creating a protective shell.

Yogurt mask is applied to hair and left for one hour, after which the head should be well washed with shampoo. As rinsing is recommended to use a decoction of herbs (chamomile, nettle) with the addition of lemon juice. During washing it will be useful to make a gentle massage of the head. Also hair can be rinsed with Apple cider vinegar. As a result, they become smooth and shiny.

However, it is not necessary to abuse such masks are artificial blondes, since they are in addition to the treatment and also wash the pigment that gives light shade. For maximum results it is better to use home and professional care products for blonde hair.