You will need
  • - Computer with Windows.
Go into the BIOS menu. Next, select the Exit tab. From the bottom you'll see a few settings, exit the BIOS, there must be Load setup defaults. Select this option and press Enter. Then select OK and press Enter. The computer will reboot. After rebooting all the BIOS settings will be returned to the factory.
If you have another version of the BIOS, and you have not found the option Load setup defaults or using the system method, you did not reset settings, you can use other ways. Disconnect your computer from the electrical outlet. Remove the cover from the system unit.
Locate the motherboard battery, which looks like a battery to electronic watch. It is responsible for saving the BIOS settings. Now you have two solution to the problem. The first option is to use the jumper that should be near the battery. Move the jumper to the original position to another. Then the BIOS menu will be reset.
Sometimes instead of jumpers may be a simple round button, around which is the inscription Clear CMOS. Sometimes the label may differ, but the word is Clear there should be. Just press this button and hold it for a few seconds. The BIOS settings will be reset.
If you are not able to find any jumpers or buttons, you have another option. Remove the socket from the battery. To do this, simply press the release button that is located below, and pull out the battery from the slot. After that wait about hour. Possible less, but better safe than sorry, because on some motherboards, the BIOS settings can long be maintained without batteries. After insert it back to the nest. Settings will be reset to the factory defaults. You can now close the system cover and turn the computer on.