How to decorate with seashells picture frame?

To create photo frames decorated with shells, you will need several types of sea shells, glue and the frame. The creative process allows additional decorations. Refers to a variety of beads, stones, sand, beads, crystals, corals, tree branches and sequins. In addition, you will need a special nail Polish to cover to them ready-made frame made of shells.

To start working on the framework recommended the preparation of the working material. Shells must be washed thoroughly with running cold and dry. Some quilters use to wash water with lemon juice. Then be sure to sort all the shells by color, size and type. After that, make a pattern from them without the use of glue. Just put them in order on the surface of the frame. For example, you can first lay out large seashells, and small fill in the gaps. Don't start gluing until you have created a beautiful pattern that you will like.

The process of gluing the shells to the frame

First decide whether shell stick on frame or even on glass. If you do not plan to touch the glass, glue it on the edge of the paper tape. This is necessary in order not to soil the glass with glue.

To secure the shells on the basis you should use hot glue. Gently apply a few drops on the surface of the shell and tightly press it to the frame. Hold it for a few seconds. The process of fixing the shells should be carried out when the frame is in a horizontal position. Start bonding better with larger shells, and finish can be additional materials.

Be sure to wait until the glue is completely dry, and proceed to the final stage. Gently coat of shell lacquer. The fact that the dry shells have a very unattractive, pale appearance. Varnish also creates a real "wet" effect, which can be seen only from shells on the beach. For such purposes, ideal for a shiny acrylic lacquer. You can also use an ordinary pearl nail Polish to give the shells the desired shade. But Matt acrylic varnish in this case is not useful, as it gives no "wet" effect. When the varnish is completely dry you can frame the photo you chose.