At some time about Kombucha forgotten, but today, the fashion on it comes back again, but to find a treasured piece is not so easy. It turns out that to grow a Kombucha can be quite easy.

In order to grow the miracle from scratch, enough to forget for a while about tea leaves, and then it appear slippery film, which is a month and a half to turn into a dense mushroom. To make two liters of solution you can take two teaspoons of black tea, brew them and put in a warm place. Appeared mold is carefully removed and placed in a strong, fresh brew. This operation must be performed as long as the mold does not turn into a plump cake. Then place the pellet at some time in the Apple cider vinegar and then sweet tea. To infuse the beverage about a week, then it can be drunk.

Much faster and easier to grow Kombucha from a piece that is already there. Place it in a weak tea, add sugar to taste and leave for about seven days. As the consumption of the drink add it to sweet tea. Gradually, the fungus will grow new layers. Caring for tea mushroom simple, the most important to wash the jar in which he is placed, and change the tea. The mushroom must be washed every two to three weeks under warm running water.

This drink is very useful. Drink it in two or three cups a day after meals. Kombucha normalizes blood pressure, is an antibiotic useful for the heart and blood vessels, and also has many useful properties. It is advisable to consume it within two months, after which need to take a break to avoid stomach irritation.