What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a thick mucous film on the surface of the liquid remote resembling jellyfish. The scientific name of this organism — medusomyces, and it is called Kombucha mushroom, a Japanese mushroom tea jellyfish or sea water. A symbiosis of yeast and bacteria.

The body needs a special nutrient medium. Like ordinary yeast, tea mushroom the essential sugar that he spaevaet, in the end, it turns out ethanol and carbon dioxide. The bacteria, in turn, oxidize ethanol and convert it to acetic acid. As a result of the activities of fungus it turns out a nice beverage, tastes like kvass.

Care Kombucha.

To Kombucha have been growing and developing for him to properly care for. For good growth and development of the fungus need a sweet liquid. It can be put, in principle, in any drink for example fruit juice or berry juice, but the most pleasant to the taste of the drink based on tea (no wonder this organism called Kombucha mushroom).

To make the solution. Brew a tea. Welding strain and top up to the required amount of warm water. Dissolve the sugar at the rate of 100 g per liter of water. Convenient to do the drink in three-liter jar, so that number will need 300 grams of sugar.
In infusion can add honey to taste, that will give it additional antibacterial and tonic properties.

The liquid cool and put it in her Kombucha. Cover the jar with a napkin, marlechkoy or any other clean cotton cloth. Place the container in a warm location (optimum temperature for activity of the fungus is about 25 degrees, i.e. normal room temperature). While the jar on the window it is best not to put as Kombucha does not like direct sunlight, can get burned and die.
A delicious drink based on coffee. For this you need to make a sugar solution at the rate of 1 tablespoon favorite instant coffee and 100 grams of sugar per 1 liter of water. On top of the drink put the Kombucha, cover the jar with marlechkoy.

The drink will be ready in 2-4 days in summer and winter in about a week. Liquid drain, immediately prepare a new tea and drop it into a mushroom. The resulting drink, ready to drink, it can be stored for several days in the refrigerator.

Once in 2 weeks, Kombucha need to "bathe". After I poured the drink, remove it from the jar and rinse under running warm water. The growth of the fungus begins to multiply, it appears layers. They can be easily separated. Leave yourself the required amount of mushrooms, and the rest give. Pure Kombucha will first sink to the bottom and then slowly rise and take its usual place on the surface.