You will need
  • - sea salt;
  • - Apple cider vinegar.
Swelling often occur in the heat. This way the body reacts to external conditions, and in any case creates a certain reserve of moisture. Don't limit yourself at this point, the usual amount of water consumed. The swelling will not disappear, but rather only worse.
Summer drink water in sufficient quantities. In a healthy person the excess water always exits through the sweat. Limit yourself in the consumption of salt, fatty and smoked products. Drink green and herbal tea, eat berries (preferably watermelon), fruits, baked potatoes, dairy products, beans and celery.
Pour into a bucket of warm water and dissolve in it three hundred grams of kitchen salt or sea salt. Lower back legsand sit there for about half an hour. A salt bath will help to remove water from the cell tissue, and swelling after the first treatment will significantly decrease.
Put feeton a small elevation and stay in this position even though ittoeO. Due to gravity will be a slight outflow of fluid from tired feet, and the volume will decrease.
Take a contrast shower. This will enhance circulation and favorably impact on the condition of your feet. But only to spill them, not the whole body. Finish the procedure with cool water and let feetam allowed to air dry.
Add the water a tablespoon ablocfeetof vinegar, wet in this solution a rag and wipe of the legsI. This tool is suitable only for those people who have not previously experienced an allergic reaction to Apple cider vinegar. Do not use vinegar, because it does not have the desired effect.
Pharmacy buy cream to relieve swelling of the legs. Use it every night. Apply with light massage movements, while gently rubbing into the skin. Mostly in such media is composed of menthol. It improves blood flow and reduces swelling result.
Don't overdo the diuretics without first consulting a doctor. If you take diuretics without prescription, can cause dehydration. And it is fraught with even more serious consequences.