You will need
  • paint two colors, for example, primary yellow and the secondary blue.
First of all, prepare the door: remove the old paint, thoroughly wash and dry door. Then apply the putty all the defects identified.
Remove the doors all hardware, or at least tape it with masking tape. In the case of glass panels and seal them.
Remove the hinges of the door itself and attach it horizontally on the box (or on the table). The only way the painting will be done correctly - there will be streaks and water stains, and the paint will go evenly.
First of all you should apply a base coat on the entire door. Begin to make color with large planes. First paint the plates, and then the panel moving vertically in one stroke from top downwards.
Color turns all elements of door frame: top, middle and then bottom.
Next, apply paint on the sidewalls of the frame from top to bottom.
Paint the edge, which when the door is open looking into the room.
Last color fasteners.
Wait for complete drying of paint.
Next, treat the entire layer with a polishing machine. This will promote good adhesion of paint two colors together.
In exactly the same way as described above, apply a brown coat of paint.
Without waiting for complete drying of the door, special Tarocco swaying movements actually spent on the paint. Movement like as if you move the comb. This grater is a bar with a semicircular shape with an arcuate slits and bulges. You can buy it at any hardware store or even make yourself from rubber to the teeth were located in different width. This "comb" is removed a certain layer of fresh paint, under which is a dry paint, and the result is a pattern – imitation of wood.
Can apply on top of special tinting composition.
Only after full drying all do the same thing on the other side of the door.