You will need
  • sponges, rollers, brushes, paint, chemicals for removing old paint, glassware for chemicals, cotton swabs, spatula, putty for paint, sandpaper.
Remove the door from its hinges. Remove the handles, latches and remove the locks. To avoid getting paint into the recesses for locks, it is recommended to score them with cotton or cloth.
Take the chemicals to remove paint. For this purpose, suitable, sodium hydroxide, caustic potash or technical carbolic acid. In a glass jar, prepare a 20% aqueous solution of one of these substances. Apply it on the door with a cotton swab and leave for 30 minutes rinse the door with water and let dry at least four hours.
Carefully seal cracks and crevices with a filler door. Smooth the putty with a spatula and allow it to dry well. After drying treat the surface with sandpaper. Prime the surface of the door with linseed oil.
Cover the masking tape all the door's surface that you plan to paint.
Start painting. Large surfaces it is recommended to paint roller, small brush. Rollers and brushes should be selected depending on the kind of paint used. If you bought new brushes should be comb to remove excess hair. After this you should soak them in water for at least 10 hours.
Flush doors begin to paint the ends. The canvas door is painted in three steps. You should start with the upper left corner. Then the painting goes from top to bottom, left to right in equal sections. For this type of doors are considered to be the most suitable alkyd paints.
When painting panelled doors to start with the recesses. The paint does not accumulate in the corners to get it on the brush need to a minimum. To remove the excess paint from the corners of panels can be a sponge or a dry fine paintbrush.
Door-accordion, it is recommended to paint with spray or aerosol paints, without removing it. In order that the paint didn't get on the other side through the cracks, it is recommended to stick them on the back side with masking tape.
Remove the masking tape. It must be done before the paint dries completely. Or together with the tape can be removed paint chips.