You will need
  • Warm sweater, milk, honey, ginger tea, butter, pine needles, mineral water.
In the evening just before bedtime hold the hands under running hot water for 5-7 minutes. Carefully RUB them, making sure that the skin from the fingertips to the shoulders well warmed. Then quickly dry the hands with a towel and put on a warm wool sweater. It is important to do immediately after grinding, otherwise the skin will have time to cool down. Then lie down in bed, drink a glass of hot milk with honey or ginger tea and try to sleep. It is important with no one to talk to not to strain once again the vocal cords. Read also desirable. Otherwise you can provoke another coughing attack.
Take the radish, wash, peel it and then cut into small pieces or grind on a grater and add to the bowl along with the separated juice. In the resulting mass, add a little sugar, and then mix. Sweetened radish juice you need to drink 1-2 tablespoons every hour throughout the day. Be sure to take this "medicine" and at bedtime – over an hour and for half an hour. This remedy helps in the fight with the night cough.
Boil a glass of milk and add 1 tsp butter and a pinch of baking soda. The resulting drink you need to mix and drink while it is still hot. Drink slowly, in small SIPS. Milk oil "coats" the throat, easing discomfort and relieving cough.
Make a decoction of pine needles and inhale its steam. A good option for getting rid of night coughing – first breathe over a saucepan of broth for 10-15 minutes and then boil the liquid again and leave in an open container next to the bed. This method can relieve spasms, relieve pain in the throat and get rid of the cough. Well, if after inhalation you drink a glass of hot tea with honey or boiled milk.
Be sure to make sure that the room is maintained in optimal humidity, especially if you are heating devices that dry the air. You can leave the room a pot of hot water or use a special moisturizer. Dry air irritates the throat and becomes an additional cause of coughing.
Open the bottle of carbonated mineral water and leave it for 2-3 hours to gases gradually come out. An hour before bedtime, start to slowly drink the water. It will soften the throat, reduce coughing. This method is appropriate if we are talking about dry, not wet cough.