You will need
  • A sheet of paper and pen or computer with Internet access.
If you have a computer and access to Internet email can be sent through the official website of the Russian President At the top of the page select "Treatment". The screen will display information on the requirements for treatment. In particular, the text should be in Russian, not more than two thousand characters, without insults and foul language. Read and understand this information, and then click on the button at the bottom of the page "Send email".Before sending, the system will ask you to fill in a simple form. You need to specify your surname and name, email address, country and region in which you are. The remaining fields is optional.Please note, this method is suitable only if you have a specific proposal or statement.
Messages and questions of a General nature should be sent via the personal blog of the President But to communicate with them can only registered users. To register you need to fill in a questionnaire of a statistical nature. Then will have to wait a while until the moderators check the registration data. Once your account is approved, you can leave comments in the blog of the head of state.
If the appeal to the President of the Russian Federation via the Internet you are not satisfied, write to him by regular mail. Letters are accepted at St. Ilyinka, 23, 103132, Moscow, Russia. Be sure to specify your return address. If the envelope is incomplete or illegible, a letter to the review will not be accepted.
Another way to attract the attention of the leader of the country – an open letter. You can publish in your personal blog or in a public newspaper. In addition, in the global network there are many resources for this manifests. This treatment can be signed by one person and a group of stakeholders.