Official website of the President of the Russian Federation – To apply, complaint or suggestion, click the "Circulation" in the breadcrumb or click the link
Read the rules of registration emails to the President of the Russian Federation. Keep in mind that your application will initially arrive in Management on work with references of citizens and organizations, and will not be considered in the case of non-compliance.
In a letter to the President should include a specific problem statement, the complaint against the actions or inaction of state authorities and local self-government and individual officials. If you want to ask the President a question, to Express a personal wish or leave a comment, use the other presidential Internet resources listed on the "authorized network resources of the President"
Sign up on the website, indicating the name, surname, patronymic and email address. This will allow you to monitor the fate of his application through a personal account. Then click on the "Send email", fill in information about yourself, select a recipient: the President of the Russian Federation or the administration of the President of the Russian Federation and subjects of the appeal. Decide how you want to answer is: in electronic or written form. In the latter case, enter in the appropriate fields with your mailing address.
In the field "address Text" describe the problem, call concrete surnames of officials, described the address space of the action, fact or event. In addition, you can specify your telephone number for possible clarification of the content of your application.
The total volume of letters to the President of Russia should not exceed 2000 characters, so state your points clearly, clearly and consistently. Break the text into sentences, use syntax and punctuation. Do not use a transliteration – the spelling of Russian words in Latin letters and do not type the entire text in capital letters. Of course, the appeal should not be foul language and abusive expressions, which force would not have reached your outrage or another fact.
In addition, you can attach a single file without archiving, not larger than 5 MB containing the documents or materials in support of your application, the following formats: txt, doc, rtf, xls, pps, ppt, pdf, jpg, bmp, png, tif, gif, pcx, mp3, wma, avi, mp4, mkv, wmv, mov, flv.
As you review your request you will receive on your e-mail address of the corresponding notification from the Department for work with appeals of citizens and organizations.