In human life there can be a situation which will need the help of the President as the guarantor of rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation. If the officials of the local administration cannot be overcome within the framework of the fight against corruption and the powers of the Prosecutor's office and police Department for assistance need to contact the highest authority to Putin.

How to write a letter

First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary documents, which will serve as the evidence base appeal to the President. If there are court decisions, responses to queries and complaints other important documents one should check whether they are properly designed. For example, in response to the letter of the official shall bear the registration number, the name and title of the sender, stamped.

The writing style can be both formal and customary. It is important to clearly and accurately Express their thoughts directly on the nature of the problem, without going into long details. If necessary, the President will make detailing the situation requests. The registration letters no special requirements. It is possible not to write "hat" as the official statements, and to start with a simple human greeting.

How to send a letter

This question is more complex. It should be understood that the workload of the head of state is high, and the vast majority of the correspondence falls to the staff of his administration. They send a letter to the Agency that has the authority to addressed in the treatment of the problem. For the decision of questions of struggle against injustice, violation of rights and freedoms of the individual, other difficult situations there is a website detailing how to write and send a letter to Putin.

The President has his own personal website, it is possible to place an open letter, which will be available for viewing to all users. Personal mail of the head of state there is most likely no, but you can be sure that the text will not remain without attention. Moreover, if the facts set forth in it, are documented.

There is another way to send a letter to Putin: the Russian Post. On the envelope you can write quite simple: Moscow, the Kremlin, the Russian President. In the text of the appeal must indicate where to send response. It can be a post address of the place of residence of the sender or his email.

Note that there are restrictions regarding the content of the letter to Putin. It will not be considered if it has curse words and insults. In addition, the treatment must not be too large. On the website of the President of the Russian Federation it is accurately told: no more than 2 thousand characters. If all the rules of writing and sending the letter are met, it remains to wait for the answer of the President of the Russian Federation.