Note the discharge from the external genitalia: profuse leucorrhoea (mucus discharge), as well as bleeding not associated with menstruation can be symptoms of malignant neoplasms of genital organs. In severe cases the discharge has a bad smell and color of meat slops.
Pain in the lower abdomen for cancer of the cervix of the uterus appear during the compression of the tumor surrounding tissue. Also there may be violation of urination and defecation in the form of uchennyh the urge to emptying of the bladder or rectum, difficulty in committing of physiological functions due to pain.
The metastatic inguinal lymph nodes can be in the form of painful rounded seals in inguinal folds. They are tightly soldered to the surrounding tissues, so practically does not shift while being moved.
Upon detection any of these symptoms, contact your gynecologist. He felt the neck of the uterus and surrounding organs will be examined in special mirrors and take smears for histological examination. Often obstetrician-gynecologists perform a test of Schiller for a more accurate identification of the areas with which you need to take the material for smears and biopsies. The test is that the cervix of the uterus stained with iodine solution, and then carefully inspected in gynecological mirrors. Changed cells are not stained by iodine, and is used as a material for research. If you find smears or biopsy atypical cells exhibited the diagnosis of the cervix cancer of the cervix of the uterus.
In addition to laboratory methods of investigation of cancer and its metastases can be detected by magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvic organs. MRI is most often assigned after the results of swabs and biopsies to clarify the size and location of the tumor.