The essay is one of the most laborious pieces of materials. In the centre portrait of the essay - the personality, the character. When writing works, label two vectors, an upcoming biography. The first is the social relationship of your character with its surroundings, the second of his inner life.
Writing essay is preceded by a collection of materials about your character. Conversations with him and interviews with those who knows him well - the main sources of information. The main thing - to understand the person about whom you write, to feel it, to learn about what he lives, something to be proud of in this life and on more than just regrets. Select the key points.
Without reference to the milestones of the biography of the essay can not do, but the main thing here is not substitute for an interesting story outlining personal data. The reader interesting human nature in action. To talk about the positive traits of your character (honesty, diligence, persistence and others) you should not merely list, and facts. Show how he behaved in extraordinary situations, dramatic moments of his life.
Describing a particular act of a hero of your essay, show his motivation. It is important to figuratively comment on individual and typical traits, psychological characteristics of personality. Both you and the reader needs to be interesting and original thoughts of the chosen person.
Each person is inevitably associated with political, economic and social-moral processes in the society (non-academic as it sounds). It is important to be able to a particular event, individual life to show the connection with these processes, the attitude towards them. Try to relate the social experience of your character with the experience of his generation. Maybe you'll have to do some reconstruction of historical events through the fact, vivid detail of his biography.
If your choice is a person with great public merits, emphasize with examples the importance of all achievements. Journalistic component of this essay will be significant and the theme of spiritual quest, creativity is one of the main. A good essay has one notable quality. He gives the reader not only the knowledge of someone else's life, different life experiences, mistakes and dreams, but also pushes them to reflect on their own.