You have the opportunity to get a free apartment from the state. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, this right is granted to needy citizens. Prove that you do not have any housing. Depending on the region of residence, number of square meters of housing per family member, you may have less than the regulated accounts the norm. This is a reason to go to the authorities with a request to provide you with housing. If all documents are collected, you can go to the local administration with the statement that you put on the account as needing the premises.
Citizens who have registered before 2005 are likely to get free housing. This line still exists. However, the new law introduced an additional requirement that you are required to confirm their poverty. Imagine documents that indicate that the total income of your family, including all types of payments (wages, benefits, income from Commerce is only available in your ownership of taxable property), in terms of each family member is the minimum amount. So, income is too small to buy the apartment in the property.
Today's construction market delivers the bulk of housing for sale. Therefore, the speed of advancement of the main queue for housing, is too small to have any real hope. You will help list of certain benefits. You will be able to apply for priority housing, if they are orphans; persons living in poor or dilapidated housing. Priority housing provision also relies on those families in which the patient resides, posing a threat to others (for example, AIDS, tuberculosis, suffers from schizophrenia, etc.).
You can count on the priority list for apartments if you have a document confirming that you are a war pensioner, forced migrant (refugee from the former Soviet Union, which is subjected to political persecution, etc.), a settler from the area of the far North, from the closed settlement, etc.