Advice 1: How to change into a swimsuit if beach natural

The ability to adapt to unexpected situations that we face almost daily, a huge advantage for a person, as a result saving time and money, and, of course, the achievement of the plan.
On many natural beaches are often absent sanctioned cabanas, and then in order to change my swimsuit, which is very useful lying around in our purse, we start looking around, in order to come up with something to achieve this goal.
How to change into a swimsuit if beach natural
You will need
  • swimsuit, towel and ... fantasy
Safely change, if coming to a natural beach, you will be wearing a long skirt. In this situation, you will feel the happiest man because preobladanie special work will not make.
Cover yourself in a towel or blanket. On natural, and on any other beach, no one will blame you, if you understand what you're doing. You're not the first, not you last who is dressed this way. This method seems to be relevant at all times.
Make. similarity booths. You will need:
A) some towels or blankets
B) an extra set of hands
To implement this option easily if you decided to come not to swim alone but in the company of, say, girlfriend, or loved one. They don't refuse to help - I'll hold the towel around you to you with quiet soul can change.
Use the special rhythm, which are so popular in Europe, this mobile cabanas on the beach, camping, outdoors. Outside there is never a queue, and inside is always clean!
Hide behind something. It can be near standing tree or bushes, which under the circumstances may well play the role of the screen. And if you're lucky, some kind of construction, even the smallest, but even there you can find a secluded area where you will be able to change.
Stay away from people on the beach, where you won't attract any attention, turn away from them... and quickly, valiant, wash. As the saying goes, what is natural is not ugly. And who is seen, and that is a shame.
Improvise. Go into the water in the clothes, and change clothes there. This method is suitable for very brave people, and in that case, if you have absolutely no choice but to swim very desirable. However, in this case the clothes will then dry!
Useful advice
Well, if you still hesitate and do not believe the proposed methods is successful, you direct road to the beach, where there will be a large number of cabins for changing clothes there will be no obstacles. Good luck!

Advice 2: Where the clean beach and clean water

Millions of Russian citizens every year you go to rest at sea. Variants of a beach holiday are many, as they say, for every budget and taste. But the rest brought positive emotions, it is first necessary that both the water and the beach was clean.
Where the clean beach and clean water
Swimming in dirty or simply muddy the water and sunbathing on the beach is not clean enough – a very dubious pleasure. Not to mention the fact that it can have a detrimental effect on health. Where are the clean beaches and clean water?

In some European countries a lot of clean beaches

A great option for a beach holiday in Greece, particularly Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, KOs. There are many different beaches – sandy, pebbly, rocky, with shallow entry into the water, and with the rapid increase in depth. Greece is washed by several seas – the Aegean, Cretan, Libyan, Ionian, and part of the huge Mediterranean sea. Most of its shore line the water is clean and clear and many beaches awarded the international award of the Blue flag. This means that the water near the beach is perfectly safe for bathing from the point of view of cleanliness and hygiene standards.
Especially a lot of beaches on the Islands of Crete and Rhodes.

Many good beaches with clean water also in Spain, Italy, Croatia.

For lovers holiday budget a good option would be a Turkey. Many sandy beaches in these well-known resorts like Alanya, Belek, side meet the most stringent hygienic requirements. Also a nice pebble beaches in the resort of Kemer.

Clean beaches in exotic countries

Lovers of exotic destinations like the beaches of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Maldives.

Even the most demanding to clean people it is a magnificent beach resort of Varadero on the North coast of Cuba. Crystal clear turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico and a wide strip of fine white coral sand look impressive.
Fortunately, recent large-scale accident at the oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico almost no effect on the purity of the water and beach of this resort.

Very good beaches in the Dominican Republic, on the neighboring island of Cuba Haiti.

In the Indian ocean a deservedly high rating are the beaches of Maldives and Mauritius. Well, fans of India can be advised to go not popular with many Russians in North Goa and in South, where the beach and the water more pure. In addition, there are less tourists and therefore more quietly, calmly.

People who want to visit far-away Philippine Islands, should pay attention to the island of Boracay in the Central part of the archipelago. Its main attraction – the famous White beach, considered one of the cleanest in the world.

Advice 3: How to wear a swimsuit

Athletic swimsuits are made of elastic materials. The Jersey fits snugly over the body, and the slightest bulge becomes noticeable. It's maybe not so important on the beach, but extremely significantly to compete in gymnastics or in ballet class. So some put on a bathing suit right on the naked body, the more that coach is often not given this subject enough attention, considering that everyone knows what and what to wear.
How to wear a swimsuit
You will need
  • gymnastic leotard;
  • - thin cotton underwear;
  • - changing area.
Wear gymnastic leotard naked body is inappropriate. You are going to move, and during intense physical exercise the human body often doesn't behave as usual. Then there are linen you need at least from hygienic reasons. It is very ugly, when from under the thin elastic of the swimsuit peeking panties. Excess folds also do not decorate athlete. Therefore, the underwear should be very thin.
Visit the store where they sell products for athletes and dancers. There you will surely find very thin cotton panties. They can be with a small addition of synthetic fibers. Seam on them, these panties a very tight fit, and in any case they do not form folds. From under the swimsuit they will not be seen. This underwear can sometimes be seen in traditional stores, as well as purchase through the Internet. Buy several. The best option — panties Nude. They are not only less noticeable, but most often are found in sports stores.
Underwear that you wear to workout, not to wear every day, even if you go to the gym right after work or school. Put the panties along with swimsuit. In the locker room to remove all, wear thin panties, and a swimsuit. Folds should arise. If they appeared, purely by chance, and they are very easy to spread.
In some cases, still wear leotard tights or leggings. The requirement here is the same as for the cowards. They should be very thin and the tights — and even durable. The stockings and shorts should not externally very different. Black leggings will suit leotard of any color, the hue can be any, depending on the color of the main garment. Tights can be black, white, and Nude. For training and classroom choreography and then, and another is worn under a swimsuit. The same principle makes sense to follow, if you wear a gymnastics leotard as a shirt. In any event, the swimsuit and additions must match the image you aspire to create on the stage or gym Mat.
Swimsuit you need to buy or sew strictly by size. To fit required a lot of sartorial skill, so better do without it.

Advice 4: How to decorate a swimsuit

Summer is a time not only the holidays and Golden beaches, but also the beginning of the annual competition for the title of "Sirens of the Sea". Beautiful women dressed in trendy swimwearand tourists and drive men crazy. Girls trying hard to be on top: light makeup, flowers lilies in her hair, impeccable tan, a stunning manicure and pedicure, the perfect figure. Only one problem on the horizon – the choice of a leotard. Follow fashion designers every season – expensive for the wallet, so the best way to stand out and look chic, will be a swimsuit, embellished their hands.
How to decorate a swimsuit
You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors, needles, thread;
  • - pieces of fabric, chiffon, lace;
  • shells;
  • - decorative flowers;
  • - fittings;
  • glue rhinestones, beads.
The game of contrasts. If you have in the closet gathering dust one-piece swimsuit "bandeau" colors of the sea vests with detachable straps, you are the owner of a wonderful instance. The highlight will be a large applique of bright red color.Cut out a red fabric heart. Now tonal lace make a long string with ruffles. Gently nativite ruffles cascade on the heart, from bottom to top. You will get surround air applications. Then pristrochite heart panel swimsuit, this can be done on the sewing machine or manually overlock seam.
Floral garden. Certainly, a plain white swimsuit looks too boring. To add color and mischief will be able bright decorative flowers. They can be removed with pins (ranging from small orchids to large dahlias) or purchased at the Department of accessories in fabric stores. Attach the decorations with a needle and monofilament, the cups closer to-there straps suspend, the bikini – closer to the side seam or drawstring. Floral swimsuit will not leave anyone indifferent.
Shell. Every summer vacation you are sure to bring a couple of bracelets made of shells, which lie then. They can create a unique way if you use them for two-piece "bikini" or "halter", bodily or blue. Embroidered cups small shells, and on the ends of the drawstring panties clip big jewelry with the help of limit switches or the holders of the pendants.
Diamond. The swimsuit model is the private "plunge" looks amazing due to the deep cut front and back. Such cutouts can be decorated with rhinestones – large and small in the form of drops. One restriction: choose glue rhinestones of the same color. Multicolor "glitter" will look childish, and, for example, large white crystals, or rhinestones, chameleon will transform you into a Royal diamond on a Golden beach.
Pythons and leopards. Girls always like predatory colors, and to update a swimsuit seems almost impossible. Almost, because such a thing is already attracting all the attention to the owner. But there are secrets. Use accessories, such as metal rings and rectangles, decorated with rhinestones. They can be fastened in the joints of the side seams bikinis and panties, and also between the top edge of the cups and straps.
Keep in mind, if you decorate a swimsuit with seashells, bulk flowers and other protruding or fragile accessories, then lie on the stomach, you can not. Otherwise you'll ruin all your hard work.
Useful advice
Colorful colors of swimwear can be supplemented by the production of a short skirt of solid chiffon.
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