You will need
  • swimsuit, towel and ... fantasy
Safely change, if coming to a natural beach, you will be wearing a long skirt. In this situation, you will feel the happiest man because preobladanie special work will not make.
Cover yourself in a towel or blanket. On natural, and on any other beach, no one will blame you, if you understand what you're doing. You're not the first, not you last who is dressed this way. This method seems to be relevant at all times.
Make. similarity booths. You will need:
A) some towels or blankets
B) an extra set of hands
To implement this option easily if you decided to come not to swim alone but in the company of, say, girlfriend, or loved one. They don't refuse to help - I'll hold the towel around you to you with quiet soul can change.
Use the special rhythm, which are so popular in Europe, this mobile cabanas on the beach, camping, outdoors. Outside there is never a queue, and inside is always clean!
Hide behind something. It can be near standing tree or bushes, which under the circumstances may well play the role of the screen. And if you're lucky, some kind of construction, even the smallest, but even there you can find a secluded area where you will be able to change.
Stay away from people on the beach, where you won't attract any attention, turn away from them... and quickly, valiant, wash. As the saying goes, what is natural is not ugly. And who is seen, and that is a shame.
Improvise. Go into the water in the clothes, and change clothes there. This method is suitable for very brave people, and in that case, if you have absolutely no choice but to swim very desirable. However, in this case the clothes will then dry!