You will need
  • - 150 g of yarn cotton-stretch;
  • - knitting needles No. 2-2,5;
  • hook № 2,5-3;
  • - 3 m hat gum.
Link the sample to determine the density of knitting a swimsuit. It is desirable that the sample 10 x 10 cm were 25 turns on a 40 series. If it was a bit more, then you should take the spokes smaller and, conversely, if smaller, use needles larger size. To swimsuit in the socks not stretched out, the knit needs to be quite dense.
For the left bodice on the spokes 23 dial loops and knit stitch facial. Provatas thirty rows from the beginning of the operation dial 20 loops on the left edge, proverite 33 number of all the loops. Below the bodice looked more effectively, use a yarn of contrasting color and knit striped fabric.
Tie the hook on the closed loops are a series of "step of crayfish", and on the other two edges of the cups - single row, alternating one column with nakida and two air loops. Right a Cup tie in a mirror image of the left.
Assemble the parts of the bodice. For the ties cut two pieces of hat elastic with a length of 1 meter and 70 centimeters. Tie a rubber band with a hook polostevichi and thread the long rubber band on the bottom of the cups and on the sides. Secure the elastic in the corners. The ends of the ties adorn with beads.
To tie trunks, dial on the spokes 87 of the loops and knit stitch facial. Linking from the start of the 8 rows, close both sides once for 27 loops. On both sides in every second row provarite third and fourth loops together 12 times. For the remaining nine loops straight knit 32 rows. Then add on both sides in every second row 45 times for one loop. Then knit 12 more rows without additions, and then close all the loops. Run side seams of the product.
Top of the bottoms, tie hook, while promazyvaya alternately one column with nakida and one air loop. Cut a hat band on two segments of 60 inches for the drawstring. Tie the elastic polostevichi and thread at the front and rear parts of the bottoms. The ends of the ties decorate large beads.