The most affordable and simple method of breeding and rearing carp is a fish stocking in the spring with fingerlings carp and catching them in the fall. By this time the carp reach marketable weight. If you are not able to buy yearlings, then zaryblyayut pond fish. But it is much harder, because you need a separate category of ponds for breeding, rearing and wintering.
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The optimum temperature for carp breeding – 20-28 degrees, the water should be stagnant with a moderate amount of vegetation. The oxygen content of the water should be 5-7 mg/l in summer, and in winter not below 4 mg/L. Under these conditions, and good feeding fish will recruit every day at 5-7 grams. If the water temperature is less than 14 degrees, carp begin to consume less food, moves a little and loses in weight.
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It feeds on carp for almost everyone. If you don't have special food, then it can be replaced with pork or chicken feed. This food must be pre-knead and make into the water in the form of a test. Legumes and cereals are also suitable for feeding carp, they need to make in swollen condition. Feed your fish the recommended twice a day in a certain place, designated specifically for feeding. Carp will remember the time and place of feeding, the food will not have time to sour. Many owners carpatica even ring the bell, so fish is a better feeding ground.
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Natural food for carp are considered to be worms, small crustaceans and insect larvae. Maintain a constant water level in the pond, the desired depth of one meter. The most popular breeds of carp for breeding: mirror-like, scaly, glabrous, linear, Ukrainian and ramcity.
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Intensive carp farming method is based on the use of feed with a high content of proteins. With this method, you can increase the number of carp, but you will need to provide additional flow through the pond or aeration. Since a large density of carp increased pollution in the water, and it carries the risk of disease transmission. Feed is not cheap, so better to use it together with cereal.
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