Of course, now the medicine has a variety of tools that will help reduce the pain of childbirth if fights, but there are times when medication is contraindicated. And here, the best assistants will be the methods samoosasof Bolivia. The most popular way massage. Therefore, the expectant mother must learn whenhe self-massage, they are not complicated and special training is not required.
The most popular massage points during fights are in the lumbar region. There is nerves that is responsible for the sensitivity of the pelvic organs. Therefore, massaging the lower back, the transmission of the pain impulse is blocked. Impact on this area intensively. Make a pressing motion with his hands, with the tips or knuckles and the entire hand or fist. To the skin irritation occurs, you can apply massage oil or cream. This method, like a red herring.
During labor hands on both sides stroking the back, from the bones down and back. If you're tired, when youlie down and continue to massage the body. Onwiththe action, lying on your side you can drive with the hand on the waist like iron. These movements will help to relax.
If you are asked to massage the lower back of the future Pope, then let him stand or sit behind your back. He can RUB her back in circular motions, up and down or side to side. And, as with palms and fists.
On the sides of the back, you can easily find protruding bones, put them on your palms and thumbs make pressure, of motion, from the light movements, with a gradual increase. But it is important that the massage not when youhave cinal additional pain, but on the contrary, when youwore the fun and helped to relax. The main task during childbirth to help both themselves and the baby. And it does not need to be afraid and wait for the pain.