The most basic now is the right attitude. And for that you need to protect yourself from negative information on the subject of pregnancy, birth, and everything connected with it. If you're sitting in a queue for women, it is better to listen to music and not talking neighbors. If on the TV show regular horror stories about killer doctors, switch immediately to another channel. It is not about you. You will be fine.
If you are working on, possibly finish, pass your business and get your condition. This is a wonderful time to dedicate to yourself and the unborn baby. Prepare the room or area for the baby, get everything you need for the first weeks after the hospital, most likely, later time it will not. Pack a bag for yourself that will take to the hospital.
Try to determine the doctor who will be delivering your baby. This is an important factor for your peace of mind and confidence. Sit on the forums, ask your friends, find a wonderful specialist until the baby is born he will guide you, answer all questions. Be sure to ask for his cell phone number. the slightest harbingers of birth to contact him.
When she goes into labor, walk as much as possible, not lying on the bed all the time still. This will reduce the pain and, besides, the change of body position and helps baby and you a more active member of the childbirth that will provide easy and rapid, loose delivery. Well, if you will close people, talk, be distracted from the fights. Convince the doctor to measure the baby's heartbeat periodically, otherwise you'll be tied to maternity chair and can't move, and the real benefits of continuous measurement no.
Try to avoid analgesic drugs, listen to the doctor, deeply breathe correctly, have an assistant (husband, mom) to give you a finger massage, there are many points, the impact of which dulls the pain. In the most difficult moments to mentally talk to your baby and keep him, because he, too, is not easy. Together you will cope with everything!
After birth, attach baby to the breast immediately, that you lay the Foundation for trouble-free) terms of breastfeeding, ensure the health of the baby and yourself during the recovery period.