Unbearable pain in childbirth, complicating the entire process and often result in injury to the mother and the baby, not necessarily, as is commonly believed. Of course, to have a child naturally and completely without pain unlikely, but still within your power to make this important event went smoothly and left a good impression.

1. Learn to breathe properly.

Many midwives say that 95% of pregnant women absolutely do not know how to breathe during contractions and attempts, significantly complicate the process. Learn proper breathing in advance, so at the crucial moment not to forget anything. So, during fights at the initial stage recommended to do deep breath in through your nose and exhale through the mouth. When the contractions become more frequent, connect the so-called breathing dog. Stable downcast oxygen into your lungs will greatly ease the pain and help your baby move through the birth canal.

2. A positive attitude.
Fear of childbirth is having so negative an impact on their over that its pernicious effect can hardly be overestimated. Wrong attitude interferes with the normal course of labor and is able to trigger lots of dangerous effects, ranging from hypertension to acute hypoxia of the fetus. Try to keep a positive mood throughout the pregnancy, and mentally prepare yourself for the easy birth without complications. Get more information about all stages of this important process, read stories about successful childbirth, discuss with your gynecologist your excitement and hear the reasonable arguments that will help to overcome fear.

3. Learn to relax.

During labor the uterus is engaged in a major work, gradually revealing. However, pain does not arise because of this, since the uterus is not as many nerve endings. Muscle tension - that's what gives the woman the suffering of. The mother should rest between contractions, but to be able to relax during them. Imagine your body is a blooming flower, let your bodies to open up, and you will definitely feel relief during the fight.

4. Select the optimal position during labor.

When the contractions become relatively painful, try to find the optimal pose that will help to reduce the pain to a minimum. You can lie on your side, to stand on his feet or on all fours, walk, squat. The choice of position is based only on your subjective feelings. Moderate physical activity will help the uterus faster to open up and facilitate the process of course delivery.

5. Use aromatherapy.

Natural essential oils - a great way to relieve birth pain. The most effective use of them - in an aroma lamp or as an aid to massage waist, sideburns and solnechnogo plexus. Preferably in this case, suitable essential oils of lavender, Jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang. It is very important that these smells you enjoyed and did not cause allergies, so test their impact on your body before pregnancy.