You will need
  • Quran
  • Faith in Allah
To accept Islam, read the Holy Scripture of all Muslims – the Koran. To adopt a religion is possible only after you read the Quran from cover to cover several times and fully procyclics its value.
Converting to Islam will help regular reading of hadith. This is a collections of sayings and judgments of the prophet Muhammad. To by the hadith in any book store or download off the Internet.
Try to find world wide web videos of people who decided to accept Islam. This information will help you to understand what attracts thousands of people to the new religion.
Make friends with Muslims before converting to Islam. Examine their lives, ask them about any of their religion questions. So you can understand what is required to become a good Muslim.
Write down all your questions about the adoption of Islam and go to mosque to discuss them with the Imam. His answers will help you to decide whether to accept Islam or not.
If you are willing to accept Islam and become a Muslim, discuss it with the Imam and he will help you to pronounce the shahada. Shahada is the Muslim profession of faith in the oneness of God and acceptance of Muhammad as his prophet.