You will need
  • - ice;
  • - soothing herbs;
  • - analgesics.
Frequent cause of headache is a spasm of the neck muscles. Simple and effective tool that helps to remove it - a hot shower. Someone in the struggle in painYu helps the temperature contrast, so you can alternate cold and warm water. And some say that the pain subsides after a cool bath. Experiment, find your vehicle - water treatments relax, and therefore very effective in dealing with painYu.
Compress of ice wrapped in a towel helps to get rid of even severe pain. Applied to the painful part of the head, it narrows the blood vessels, and vascular headache pain is one of the most poorly tolerated types of pain.
A tea made from any soothing herbs (mint, sage, Melissa, Valerian, St. John's wort), normalizes blood pressure and relieve stress, which often causes headaches.
Sometimes the cause of headache is banal fatigue. If you chronically don't get enough sleep, have a busy schedule, your daily life is full of stress - the cause of the headache is likely it. In this case the best medicine is rest. Lie down, relax and try to sleep. Breathe deeply and slowly. These simple measures will take effect in about an hour.
If none of these tools does not help, probably it makes sense not to suffer and take medication. As a rule, one of the analgesics (strong, Nurofen, Ketanov etc.) is in every home medicine Cabinet. Effect in the painin most cases comes already after 20-30 minutes.
If headache pain does not give even the effects of drugs, it makes sense to call an ambulance. May cause pain, serious, and effective treatment will require the help of qualified professionals. Do not refuse hospitalization if doctors don't see any other way. Sometimes to cure head pain can only be in the hospital.