Headaches need to calm down, to relax, to lie down and cover his eyes. Now you need to take a deep breath and slow exhale through the nose and to hold your breath. After a two-minute relaxation exercise should be repeated. After five to seven approaches, the pain will pass.

Another way to relieve headaches is also quite simple. You need to embrace the hands the neck and collar area and is soft, but with a little effort to stretch your muscles from the nape of the neck towards the collarbones. The procedure is repeated ten times.

To relieve headaches need to shake his head left and right ten times in a row and perform the same number of head turns left and right. Now you need five times to lower his head, trying to touch the chin to the chest. All movements should be performed slowly and smoothly, and in any case, do not tilt head back.

Helps with headaches self-massage. Two or three minutes to massage the head with fingertips in a gentle circular motion.

Acupressure is an effective tool that helps to relieve headaches. Click on the point between the eyebrows, the index and middle fingers. Keep your fingers on this point should be within one minute.

You can try to relieve a headache by using wet compresses. You need to make literally five minutes cloth moistened with table vinegar, to the temporal area and to soles of feet. This compress can be substituted with regular pepper band.
To expand the blood vessels and relieve spasms causing the pain, you can drink 20 grams of cognac.