If the cause of the headache was fatigue or lack of sleep, the optimal solution of the problem will be the rest – sometimes short enough sleep to seizure.
To get rid of a headache without pills at home helps massage performed with gentle pumping movements. Need to massage not only the head but also the neck – it will significantly improve health.
Another effective way is taking a hot bath. In water if desired you can add essential oils or bath salts, but the smell should not be too strong, otherwise the bath may lead to the opposite effect is to aggravate the situation and make the headache unbearable. If you can not take a bath, you can replace it with a cold shower.
In situations where a headache is triggered by stress or conflict, you can resort to soothing drinks, peppermint, Linden or chamomile tea, infusion of thyme or Valerian.
Not everyone knows that a headache may occur due to dehydration. Sometimes it is enough to drink 1-2 glasses of clean cool water to get rid of a headache in the home quickly.
Strong tea or coffee is another way to get rid of a headache. But it is important to remember that to get involved with them is impossible. Usually helps one Cup strong drink, if no relief is felt, then this method of solution is not suitable.
To get rid of a headache can be a variety of ways, but unpleasant if the condition recurs, it is necessary to pay attention – perhaps the body signals problems requiring medical examinations!