Advice 1: How to get rid of a headache

Many people periodically suffer from headaches know how painful it is. However, not every person knows how to cope with a headache.
Headache able to poison the life
As soon as you feel the approaching headache attack, drink one effervescent tablet of aspirin and make an intramuscular injection of ascorbic acid. Perhaps these measures prevent the attack.
If the headache still broke, try to lie down. In the room where you lay down, it should be nice. If a headache attack happened in the afternoon, close the blinds to create the shadows in the room. In addition, it will be good if you ventilate the room. Fresh air can ease the pain and stuffiness is worse.
Place on forehead and temples a towel soaked with cold water. In addition, to cope with an attack can help as a remedy for headaches:
. Grate on a fine grater fresh ginger root, apply paste to the forehead and temples. If no fresh ginger, you can use the powder.
b. Take an ordinary yellow card and cut it into small squares. Soak them in water and apply on the sore spots on the head.
C. Grate the lemon with pulp. Make of this slurry compress on forehead and temples.
If a severe headache does not subside, try to rinse your head first with warm and then with cold water.
To get rid of a headache can help a Cup of strong black or green tea. When brewing tea add a pinch of mint or chamomile. Instead of tea you can drink a glass of infusion of oregano (1 tablespoon of herbs in 2 cups of boiling water, brew for 30 minutes).
If the above medications do not help, take pills for a headache. It can be Askofen-P, Advil, Ibuprofen, Ointment (particularly effective soluble effervescent tablets), etc. When even the pills can't remove the attack can be done intramuscular injection of Baralgin.
If you suffer from frequent headaches, especially accompanied by severe nausea or even vomiting, consult a doctor. Since frequent headaches can be a symptom of many serious diseases that require treatment.
Useful advice
Don't overdo the pain pills, as they have a negative effect on the liver. First and foremost try to cope with a headache with other tools, without resorting to pills.

Advice 2 : 10 a method of treating a headache without pills

Headache may enter the system at any time. To deal with it, you can use special drugs, pills, which are now in the pharmacy is so much to choose" your" product is quite difficult. At least to understand the presented assortment of the ignorant person in medicine would be difficult. If you don't want to poison your body with many medications, try to do without pills.
10 a method of treating a headache without pills

The easiest way to get rid of a headache is to relax. Sometimes it is enough just to lie down for 15-20 minutes in silence with your eyes closed to the pain receded.

Perfectly help to reduce the pain symptoms Hiking in the fresh air. Slowly, calmly walk outside, look at the sky, the trees. Breathe deeply and slowly. After 30-40 minutes of walking the pain will likely subside.

Useful and a head massage. To run it you need light, stroking movements from forehead to nape. After that, move your hand from the crown to the ears. Then slowly from head to nape, slowly move to the neck. The neck also massage. Performing a massage, take your time, remember that the movement should be virtually weightless, light, unhurried.

Take a bath. Warm water and a couple drops of essential oils help to cope with a headache. They are used to remove the unpleasant sensation of pain oil of lavender, peppermint, lemon, marjoram. Cooking method oil bath is quite simple: you need to mix 5-10 drops of any essential oil of the above sea salt, which for lack of a you can substitute an ordinary, common, after which you should add bath salts to the bubble bath. Take this curative bath needs 20-25 minutes, not more.

Essential oils can simply be added to the water, but this is not possible only in the absence of allergies, cuts, skin diseases.

Folk medicine also believes a good remedy for headaches tea from the leaves and flowers of lavender.

Tested folk remedy for pain in the head is a potato poultice. For him boil potatoes in their skins and place warm potatoes right in the peel to the forehead and temples.

Also can be applied to the temples with lemon peel, purified from the white pulp, and hold for a few minutes.

From constant migraines helps fresh egg, which you need to pour boiling milk, quickly stir the resulting mass and drink all this preferably in one gulp. The procedure must be repeated for several days., until the migraine has passed.

Prepare a strong brew of tea (green or black), add a pinch of mint and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. Then drink one glass of freshly made tea. As a rule, after 10-15 minutes the headache passes.

And, finally, advice from the field magic: people suffering from various forms of headaches, should always be worn around the neck beads made of natural yellow amber.

Advice 3 : How to remove a headache without pills at home

Headache may occur at any time. Precipitating factors are numerous – fatigue, stress, conflict, trauma, banal hangover. The easiest way to get rid of the problem with medication, but what if they are not at hand? How to remove a headache without pills at home quickly and efficiently?
how to get rid of a headache in the home quickly
If the cause of the headache was fatigue or lack of sleep, the optimal solution of the problem will be the rest – sometimes short enough sleep to seizure.
To get rid of a headache without pills at home helps massage performed with gentle pumping movements. Need to massage not only the head but also the neck – it will significantly improve health.
Another effective way is taking a hot bath. In water if desired you can add essential oils or bath salts, but the smell should not be too strong, otherwise the bath may lead to the opposite effect is to aggravate the situation and make the headache unbearable. If you can not take a bath, you can replace it with a cold shower.
In situations where a headache is triggered by stress or conflict, you can resort to soothing drinks, peppermint, Linden or chamomile tea, infusion of thyme or Valerian.
Not everyone knows that a headache may occur due to dehydration. Sometimes it is enough to drink 1-2 glasses of clean cool water to get rid of a headache in the home quickly.
Strong tea or coffee is another way to get rid of a headache. But it is important to remember that to get involved with them is impossible. Usually helps one Cup strong drink, if no relief is felt, then this method of solution is not suitable.
To get rid of a headache can be a variety of ways, but unpleasant if the condition recurs, it is necessary to pay attention – perhaps the body signals problems requiring medical examinations!
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