As soon as you feel the approaching headache attack, drink one effervescent tablet of aspirin and make an intramuscular injection of ascorbic acid. Perhaps these measures prevent the attack.
If the headache still broke, try to lie down. In the room where you lay down, it should be nice. If a headache attack happened in the afternoon, close the blinds to create the shadows in the room. In addition, it will be good if you ventilate the room. Fresh air can ease the pain and stuffiness is worse.
Place on forehead and temples a towel soaked with cold water. In addition, to cope with an attack can help as a remedy for headaches:
. Grate on a fine grater fresh ginger root, apply paste to the forehead and temples. If no fresh ginger, you can use the powder.
b. Take an ordinary yellow card and cut it into small squares. Soak them in water and apply on the sore spots on the head.
C. Grate the lemon with pulp. Make of this slurry compress on forehead and temples.
If a severe headache does not subside, try to rinse your head first with warm and then with cold water.
To get rid of a headache can help a Cup of strong black or green tea. When brewing tea add a pinch of mint or chamomile. Instead of tea you can drink a glass of infusion of oregano (1 tablespoon of herbs in 2 cups of boiling water, brew for 30 minutes).
If the above medications do not help, take pills for a headache. It can be Askofen-P, Advil, Ibuprofen, Ointment (particularly effective soluble effervescent tablets), etc. When even the pills can't remove the attack can be done intramuscular injection of Baralgin.
If you suffer from frequent headaches, especially accompanied by severe nausea or even vomiting, consult a doctor. Since frequent headaches can be a symptom of many serious diseases that require treatment.