You will need
  • -thick foam sheet;
  • -fabric for the cover.
  • -braid or rope:
  • -scissors;
  • -a large sheet of paper;
  • a pair of compasses;
  • -the range;
  • pencil;
  • -needle and thread;
  • -a sewing machine.
Invoice the stomach it is best to sew. Much time it will take, and it can be useful for another character or for a carnival costume. You need to belly quite forward and not particularly sticking out at the sides. So measure the distance on the hip line from one bone to another serving. Remove and scoop the second — from mid-chest to mid-line of the hips.
On a sheet of graph paper, draw a rectangle with the appropriate parameters. Short side of it smooth. You can do it with the help of a compass. Find the middle of the sides and draw a semicircle with a radius of half the side. It can be done by hand.
Trace the pattern on the foam. This is best done with a ballpoint pen. Depending on the thickness of the foam and the physique of the character can get it done in one, two or even three layers. Cut the desired number of parts and stitch the layers together. It's best to do a thick needle with a strong thread. You can seal the foam in a few places any durable stitches.
Take cover. For the part of the surface of the stomach, which will be adjacent to the body of the actor, circle the item on the reverse side of the fabric with a small seam. For exterior details outline detail exactly the same, and then add the thickness of the foam and the seam allowance and trace again. Cut out the details.
Fold the details of the case wrong side out, baste them to each other and pristrochite. Leave one edge open. Remove the cover, attach the foam and seal the edge of a hidden seam.
It remains to decide how the stomach will hold onto the actor. It is best to attach it in several places. Cut a piece of cord or braid and make a loop like the one that happens at the apron. Adjust the size of the cord to the stomach located in the right place.
Make the second mount at waist level. Just sew 2 ribbons that will be tied back. You can attach the invoice of the stomach and the gum. Take a fairly wide rubber band (2, 5-3 cm) and tab it on the cover of the waist line. Leave the ends of this size to be able to sew in the ring equals the circumference of the waist.